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Corporate Off Site Destination Management Hiking Adventure Architects


  • We’re experts in this type of event planning

  • We push our trusted partners to go above and beyond

  • We anticipate and mitigate problems

  • We know what elements make an amazing experience

  • We’re deeply passionate about our work

  • We’re Adventure Architects!


our team

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Noah is a seasoned adventure producer specialized in designing immersive group activities. After a decade of hospitality experience, he can effortlessly weave adventure, culinary, storytelling and exploration into a client’s event. He’s carefully mapped recreation options around the SF Bay Area and loves to guide groups.

He moved from England in 2014 to be the Recreation Director for Summit Series (, producing outdoor adventures, group games, crafting sessions, exercise, and yoga sessions at their events. Noah recently founded The Battery Adventure Club to further hone his skills in community-building adventures.

Noah’s Trainings & Certifications include; First Aid Trained (Red Cross), FEMA Community Emergency Response, Life guard certification, Swimming instructor, Avi level 1. He is currently working towards certification in Search & Rescue via the Marin County Sheriff's Office

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Carina Hessmer is a globetrotting Experience Designer based in San Francisco.

Gleefully bearing witness to the emergence of an experience economy back in 2012, Carina has since become a "go to" in the field of experience design, speaking and consulting on the topic for clients such as Google, AAA, Microsoft and one of her favorites; The Conservatory of Flowers. She is most sought after for her ability to seamlessly merge with existing teams to co-design and execute transformative experience in support of corporate brand & culture.

She’s been described as "rich with innovation, style and energizing connectivity", a "visionary strategist" and "a powerful soul-creative."


Carina’s Trainings & Certifications include; NOLS Wilderness First Responder Training, Adult/Child CPR, AED & Airway Management, FEMA Community Emergency Response, Wilderness First Aid through WFAC, Sierra Club Backpack Leadership Training, Orienteering via ROTC Army & has a certificate for Epinephrine Auto Injections. She has received training specifically in Leadership and Facilitation, Wilderness/Adventure Leadership, Therapeutic Recreation & Special Population and is currently working towards certification in Search & Rescue via the Marin County Sheriff's Office

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