Humans come alive in a new environments and bond through shared experiences.

Adventure Architect designs elevated experiences that unite groups with unforgettable shared adventures.

We specialize in weaving together multiple elements including narrative design, equipment rental, transportation, guided activities, culinary delights, and good old fashioned hospitality, to create a seamless trip that would otherwise not be possible. Think of us like a concierge for your team offsite.


We design off-sites that nurture company culture, team dynamics, leadership growth and employee engagement.

You can think of us like a “next level” concierge, weaving together stunning locations, guided activities and programming and culinary delights with results driven experience design.




“Ever wondered what it feels like to create a once in a lifetime team building experience with people who absolutely love what they do and do it really well? Then look no further than Adventure Architects, as Carina and Noah are the real deal! These two are up for any challenge and will take your ideas to the nth degree to bring fun into the workplace and provide experiences that drive self awareness and career transforming conversations! I look forward to working with this team again in the future and highly recommend you reach out to do the same.” Sam Lewis, Product Manager, Linkedin

“Adventure Architects combines the transformative genius of creative thinking with an expansive research-based approach to peak human experiences. Communication, authenticity, collaboration and beauty all converge in their work to forge an unforgettable and highly productive experience. Carina Hessmer is a global thought leader in experience design and her enthusiasm for myriad ideas and opportunities for personal and collective growth is nothing short of awe-inspiring. I would recommend this company at the highest levels!” Samantha Merritt, Chief Development Officer at The San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

“Carina and Noah make an impeccable team. Enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism in planning and execution of events. Start to finish. I would highly recommend their services to any corporate or non-corporate entity seeking extraordinary experiences to inspire leadership and build teams.” Martha Greenlee, Venue Manager at Chozen Retreat

“The Adventure Architects Team did a phenomenal job transporting our team from the hustle bustle of San Francisco, to a remote island for a truly gourmet trip. We enjoyed breakfast and lunch prepared by a chef, rode a private boat, e-bikes, hiked up a hill, felt the wind on our face and shared many laughs. It was incredible to see people talking about topics other than work! Great job guys, see you next time.” - Steve Zahm, Chief Culture Officer at Procore

“Noah produced and hosted a week-long offsite for 80 of our team. He designed a series of experiences and adventures that allowed us to relax, connect and move forward in many ways. The experience scored 10/10 and I'd highly recommend this for other teams.” - Patrick Maloney, CEO at Inspire

“The team at Adventure Architects design incredible experiences that allow groups to connect on so many levels. I’ve seen numerous groups moved beyond words by a combination of stunning nature experiences, meals in the great outdoors and late night drinks around a fire. If you want to show your team an incredible retreat, they will make it happen for you.” - Reid Tomassi, Head of Experiences at Powder Mountain

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